HOLOGARDE combines 3 principal technologies for increased protection and accuracy.

Holographic radar

A pioneering 3D innovative radar, that has already proven its ability to detect and track small (0.01m2) drones up to 5 km. The software developed for this radar analyses the movement signature of the target, in order to differentiate it against other objects in its range (like planes, helicopters, drones, and even birds).

Radio-frequency (RF)

Able to detect the protocol of data exchange between the drone and the remote-pilot. Combined with the radar, RF technology allows confirmation that the target is a drone and not a bird.

Long Range PTZ Camera

Long-range HD infrared cameras (full HD with thermal for night vision) use the geographical coordinates directly fed from the radar to target the mobile, and zoom at long distance in order to identify and provide visual confirmation of drones.

Hologarde Command Control Center

These 3 accurate and proven technologies are connected to a Command Control Center (CCC).

An integrated interface customizable for different users:

  • Air traffic control
  • Airport authority
  • Security
  • Management teams
  • Etc.